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So I am ALMOST done with a watercolor commission I've been working on for far too long!  This is a four seasons series of a friend of the family's house in Western Ohio.  I'll include the photo of the actual house in the respective season before each watercolor example....

As you can see, I'm not done yet with the Fall.  I think I'm going to kick the colors up a notch from the way they are in the photo, especially in the two large trees in the foreground (more yellow).  I think what I've loved most about this experience is noticing and comparing the nuances of each season:  the way the light affects the landscape; the growth/decay of flora; the various colors, etc.  My goal is to hand them over Thanksgiving weekend so she can have them framed in time for Christmas. Maybe if these are up on my blog I'll be more motivated to finally finish it!  :) 

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